Why Does the UVSS have a Health/Dental Plan?

Each year the cost of prescription drugs and basic health and dental services not covered by provincial health plans take increasingly larger portions out of the limited budgets of many students. To address this problem, the Canadian Federation of Students-Services created the National Student Health Network. Established in 1985, the CFS assists students' associations with the design, negotiation, promotion and administration of campus health and dental plans.

Through negotiations with Canada's only non-profit insurance provider, Green Shield, the CFS offers one of the most comprehensive sets of benefits available through a university health plan.

Several years ago, UVSS members voted in a referendum, unequivocally stating they wanted the UVSS to provide an Extended Health Plan. As a result, the UVSS joined the National Student Health Network. In 2003 UVSS members voted in another referendum, mandating that the UVSS provide a Dental Plan.

Both of these plans ensure access for all UVSS members to affordable extended health and dental benefits.

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